Monday, December 1, 2008

Now, more all over the place. . .

As a warning, I'm going to be all over the place with this post, it's fitting with the weekend I had.

After a long exhausting trek, I got my death knight's mining and skinning up to 300. Skinning was ridiculously easy, mining wasnt bad up till thorium, then it got to be a pain. I did most of it in Ungoro crater, then the last few point in silithus. I went to Outlands late last night and did a couple quests to hit 59. Death knights are REALLY over powered. I fell into the chasm in hellfire with the level 63 Orcs, one aggro'd on me almost instantly, I proceeded to beat him down and leach his health till I killed him with a death coil when he ran away. I was level 58 at the time, ridiculous.

I leveled a shadow priest a little bit that I had sitting around. I am going to try to give this class a fair shake for a few reasons. I doubt dual specs will be coming before march of '09. With all the newbie death knights running around, heals have been at a premium. On the guild front we have 2 really strong healers, but scheduling conflicts do occur and it would be good to have the option of running a healer if the need arises. Plus I've heard shadow priests have some utility in 10 man groups.

I leveled my warlock a bit and I am really torn. Drain tanking is ridiculously easy. I can get a good amount of XP, I'm rarely in danger of dying, and any gnome warriors in my path I can burn down with ease (I used that last one with great glee in feralas). I just don't get the same enjoyment from it that I do from AOE grinding. But leveling mages is a pain. . .and I die. . .A LOT. And I have one on the alliance server and don't really have a great desire to level another one. So its looking like pally, DK, lock and maybe shadow priest.

On a non Wow related note, I got a pretty good deal on a digitech the weapon multi effect pedal. I have been learning to play the guitar and I came to the conclusion that the amp I have just does not have sufficient distortion to sound right to me. I was just looking for a regular run of the mill distortion pedal but this was a demo model, originally 129.00 for 39.00. And its endorsed by Dan donnegan, the guitar player for Disturbed, my favorite band. So I hooked it up and I got a lot of fuzz from the amp when I'm using it. I am going to try adjusting the gain to get it to sound right, I think I need to have the amp set super clean to get it to sound right. It has 3 different distortion models and some other effects, I'm pretty happy with it. Now I just need to get that whole playing thing down pat.

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