Friday, December 12, 2008

Death knight AOE grinding

Most of the guides I have seen focus on Unholy, which I semi-understand as a lot of the DK's damage is disease oriented. I chose blood for both my deathknights, although I may re-spec my human either frost or unholy for experimentation purposes. Since I have a passion for AOE grinding, I would like to compare the DK to my first love and the class their grinding most compares to, the Paladin.

When I said their AOE compares most to the paladin, that is true to a point. They have an ability VERY similar to consecration which does DoT to a radius. Whoever they bring a warlock-type feel to the game with the application of multiple DoTs. My method of doing this is probably different than others' but it has worked for me (albeit in small sample size).

First step is gather up mobs. I try to stick to groups of 3-5, paladins and frost mages can do larger groups, but the DK can't kite like the mage or block and regen like the paladin, so smaller pulls are more advisable. I use my 2 DoT diseases to open, then use contagion to spread it to the surrounding mobs. I hit death and decay to give me a radius DoT so we're up to 3 DoTs. Once those are applied, I alternate between Heart Strike, Death Coil, and using my blood talents to regen health.

What this ends up looking like is pretty similar to soloing, just you are taking a lot more damage, the mobs actually get a chance to hit you and although you are wearing plate, you lack the evasion and block abilities of someone using a shield. Rather than the more traditional prot AOE, this is very similar to how Ret deals with multiple mobs, complete with burst damage, just the DoT's are ticking them down in between bursts. You're even getting healing in the form of small regen from damage caused and use of blood talents.

As far as enjoyability, I find them to be less than prot paladins and mages, but more than Ret paladins, warriors and probably warlocks (I have yet to try an AOE with seed of corruption). Survivability I would give it about the same ranking.

In summary, think Ret Paladin with some DoT's, more range, and some cooler abilities, sacrificing on demand healing.

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