Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Patch day!!!!

Well, it is a happy patch day, with some changes I'm eagerly anticipating, some changes that are meh, and some WTF?

The good:

Shaman totem bar: Yes, I'm still gonna have a ton of bars with random stuff on them, but a button to drop my 4 fav totems all at once, goodness. Now I just need to decide on Mana Spring or Healing Stream.

Cheaper/Faster mounts: This is big time. While not existing in a state of perpetual poverty, I consider myself in Wow's lower middle class. I have an 80, and I have decent gold savings, but I have to carefully manage resources to make sure I don't run out. Not counting my Death Knight or Paladin, I have 4 characters level 60+ with another hopefully on the way. Pre-3.2, to get speedy land mounts for all of them, it would have cost over 3000g. Now its a much more managable 300. I am also super excited about the scroll of cold weather flight and basic flying mount speed increase to 150%. Now my druid can fly around Northrend and life will be easier in general. To this day, I think cold weather flying was the best 1000g I ever spent.

Epic gems: I probably don't have as much titanium saved up as a lot of people, but I can almost garauntee the market will exceed the availability, so prices for the next week or so will be through the roof. I've also saved up all my JC tokens so I can get a few cuts. I will probably focus on Stam and Int as those seem to be the big money makers for me (I almost always sold all my blue quality + int gems immediately). I'm hoping for 2k gold in the next couple of days.

Improvements to seal of command and vengeance: I really like these. I don't like seal of blood/martyr at all. I am considering not putting the talent point into seal of command though because it seems like a waste of a point. I'll have to play with the talent calculators when I get home.

The meh:
Other changes to most classes: it just seems like so much BLAH BLAH BLAH. I didn't think there were problems pre 3.2 with most classes. There is one notable exception, you can see that in WTF.

The WTF:
Frost mages: The major problems with frost seem to be that they are slightly over-powered in PvP, and underpowered in PvE. So what did blizz do? Gave them a PvP buff, and did nothing to really improve them in PvE (making frost bolt .2 seconds faster to cast at the expense of some crit barely counts). Oh, and mana efficiency (never really a problem for frost) was improved. 1111111111111111111111111111111111111 FTW (not really)

On a personal note, when I get home from work, I'll be prospecting some titanium, dropping herbalism on my mage and powerleveling tailoring. My warrior is more than capable of handling herbing duties (I wanted to give him some kind of self heal besides bandaids), and getting him a faster wolf makes it a lil easier on me. I might even consider getting him a flyer to make it easier still (150% speed is tempting for a gatherer).

Oh the goodness, I can hardly wait!

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