Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My weekend. . .

I'm a little delayed in my usual monday posts because I was out sick yesterday. I went to the gym on saturday, struggled to get through my workout and pretty much went downhill from there. However, Wow isn't exactly the most strenuous thing to do, so I got plenty accomplished in that area.

First, I the thing I am most proud about, I tanked through heroic UP and UK with no group wipes. It wasn't a slow run and we didn't have overpowering DPS, I really felt like I was pulling my weight and things went mostly like they should. I did have one issue in the trophy room in UP, we killed one of the middle bosses too fast, so when the next one came up, my shield was on cooldown, that kinda sucked for the guy who started DPSing immediately and died before I could say anything. I didn't get any loot (the only reason why I'm repeatedly running UP is Skadi's belt and the red sword, neither of which I have ever even seen drop and everyone in my guild who wants it has the sword already :-( ). I seem to have really bad luck with tanking weapons. Please blizz, let my blacksmith make one, I don't care how many titansteel bars it takes, I just want a cool looking tanking sword that is garaunteed.

I also started working towards the Crusader title so I can pick up a BoA chest with champion's seals. I have actually gotten into a routine of doing threat from above, foot of the citadel, and the kill quests every day. I am semi slacking on the Ebon Blade dailies because since I hit exalted with them, the only thing I get out of it is gold (easy gold, but still). I reached exalted with Silvermoon city, finished the Oggrimar valiant chain, and failed miserably at the trial. Have I mentioned how much I despise 1 on 1 jousting? And I don't know if they changed it with the patch, but when my friend tried helping me, the challenger was vanishing and making me re-start. SOOOOOO frustrating! I just want to finish them out so I can get Crusader and get the stupid BoA chest to speed up my leveling, blech.

Obviously there are other paths to BoA gear, and I'm working on them as well. I could care less about the weapons, what I want is +20% XP on all my alts. There are three sources for this, Champions seals (which I'm working on), shards, tokens, whatever they're called (when you run instances and hold wintergrasp), and emblems. Now, I currently have 100 something of the PvP ones (200 for gear), 16 or so emblems, and 20 something seals. Hopefully I should have enough to buy 3 pieces of BoA gear within about 2 weeks. My problem is what to buy? Currently my alts are as follows (not counting 80 pally): 70 DK, 70 Druid, 67 Warrior, 62 Warlock, 62 Mage, 34 Shammy and a priest and hunter who I don't really see leveling. I've been swapping the leather shoulders off between Warrior, Druid, and Shammy, thats not an issue. Chest complicates things a little bit. My druid and warrior are both wearing GREAT leveling gear. Warrior has the adamantite chest with blue quality northrend gems, druid has the drop from BF, also with blue quality gems. I will probably be able to afford 3 pieces of gear. I know I want cloth shoulders. The mail chest is caster mail not DPS so it won't help warrior or DK. The leather probably loses too much for the warrior to wear it, but it does help druid and shammy. Shammy could also probably wear cloth chest, but that screws druid. Maybe leather and cloth chest? I dunno, as I said, I'm conflicted. It's all stats vs +10% XP.

Speaking of leveling, I powerleveled tailoring on my Mage, 1-350. Took him to Northrend and found out they raised the level requirements for Northrend crafting. Totally makes sense, but darn. Now I have to level my Warlock and Mage (I did a lil, both hit 62, 3 more levels to go!). In the course of leveling, I realized something about the lock: I really like the Felguard, he's hilarious. "Too pathetic to fight your own battles?" Yes felguard, thats why I summoned you and you're my bitch, now go kill them while I spread some DoTs and look like I'm paying attention. I have tried every tree they have access to, and demonology feels the most warlocky. I did like affliction and all the dots are nice, but Felguard > Blueberry. As for my mage, I like him, I really do, but I'm starting to get tired of 111111111111111. Portals are great, teleports are great, I am planning on making some spellfire gear for him, I'm just tired of frostbolting everything to death. Instances are a ton of fun if the tank can get enough mobs for me to blizzard. That time in ZF was the most fun I have ever had with any character.

My Druid hit 70 and I bought the tome of coldweather flight for him. Man that is nice. Getting from place to place is easier and not having to worry about pesky mobs or being ganked is great. I am planning on healing a couple UK runs, but I want to pick up the FP in Dalaran first so I can more easily go get the healing gear. I am a little apprehensive about it for one reason: Dark Smash. I know I had plenty of problems with it when I was leveling Pally and say what you will about DKs in endgame, they're scaled for 80, not lower levels. Having gone through the TBC instances as a healer, I prefer pally tanks because they have enough mitigation and no problems holding threat on multiple mobs.

All in all, great weekend and I got a lot done.


Darraxus said...

I dont know if you have hit the new instance yet, but there are tons of tanking epics on regular mode and it is pretty easy. Plus that sweet trinket drops from the last boss.

As far as having you friend help with the jousting, make sure you hit the badie first. I had the same problem helping my fiancee, but that seemed to fix it.

Copernicus said...

For Dark Smash, just back up about 5 yards and you'll take little/no damage. Then you can just walk back in a pick up tanking again.

Fish said...

I'm good on dark smash, thats why I got deadly boss, I usually strafe to the side, but knowing yourself, and trusting a tank to do it are two different things. . .