Friday, August 28, 2009

update: RAF, dual boxing, and tanking gear. . .

I'm going to tackle these a little out of order. On the subject of tanking gear, I finally got the red sword! Originally when I first saw it, I didn't think it was all that cool looking, but after all the work I went through to get it, that thing is probably my fav wow item to date. Hard work does increase the perceived value of things I guess.

I went out to buy a retail copy of Wow to upgrade my buddy account. It turns out, Gamestop lowered the price of their Wow Battlechest so instead of paying $20 for just vanilla, I got vanilla and TBC for $30. I'd highly encourage anyone interested in using RAF to it's full potential to do the same. Honestly, for the blood elf and draenei starting areas alone, it is worth the extra $10.

As far as the actual dual boxing, its going really well, and I'm almost tempted to try leveling in PvP areas as well as straight instance power leveling. You get a SICK amount of XP off mobs and quests (triple off both), questing probably levels me faster than instances (and safer on my buddy char).

I've pretty much macro'd everything. I am definately sticking to Priest as a solid RAF character. I have smite, heals, wand, and shield macro'd so far. I will probably add fade and maybe a few other things. I've been leveling with Shaman and Priest, which is good, but I think a few other combos might work better. That combo would work great on alliance, not so well on horde. I think I would like to try Hunter/Druid and Warrior or Pally/Priest as well. Another thing I will try, I have a level 26 priest that I didn't play very much, I might try questing with 2 priests, that could be interesting (1 shadow, 1 holy).

As far as what I think of it? Its been a lot of fun. Although I like the questing more than the powerleveling, both have worked decent and there are plenty of instances to keep me busy. We'll see how things go at the higher levels, but right now it looks like no sweat to get a 60 this way, then have him share the love with some easy levels. I feel like I got 5 characters (2 paladins, warrior, warlock, and mage) to 60 the hard way, its not like going through vanilla will benefit me too much at this point.

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Darraxus said...

Best method is to do every dungeon quest you come across. I remember doing all of the ZF quests and getting 1.5 level off of the turnins.