Monday, August 24, 2009

My thoughtful yet witty response. . .

Who'd have thought my most often commented on post would be one that I was really not all that decided on in the first place. My post was more feelings related, and having had some time to reflect on it, I have a more clarified view of the situation.

On my own skills in the game:
I probably blog about this more than anything. Admittedly, I fluctuate on this quite a bit. Different roles require different skill sets and there is a pretty big learning curve. With that having been said, I realize I post more negative than positive in my blogs. My reasoning for this is that in general, I consider the blog reading community as a whole to be pretty knowledgable and able to give solid constructive criticism. The flip side of that is that when things go well, there really isn't much in the way of constructive criticism I could receive. A perfect example: this weekend I healed regular Utgarde Keep on my druid. Nobody died, we did the run in reasonable time. Did some new gear help me? Probably. Did a more effective use of healbot contribute to being able to keep everyone up? Most likely.
Its hard to rate yourself objectively with respect to your own skills. Right now, with respect to Paladin tanking I'd say I'm about a B and my Druid healing is about C+. I can do a fairly decent job but there's room for improvement. Thats one of the reasons why I blog.

On the guild and what I want out of it:
This is another tough subject. Everyone has lives and are on at varying times. Everyone has varying views of what "fun" is. I think my biggest problem is that I know what isnt fun, I'm trying to figure out what is fun. Being killed isn't fun. Being killed while trying to do grindy tasks is doubly not fun. Its kind of like mowing the lawn and out of nowhere someone comes and spears you like bobby boucher in the water boy. You're mowing the lawn because it needs doing, but its not exactly great fun. Now maybe my situation is closer to mowing the lawn on a practice field and it shouldnt surprise me if I get tackled. If it's that big a deal, what am I doing there?
This is something that I have continuously had issues with. If I hate PvP, what am I doing on a PvP server?
The obvious answer is "thats where my friends are". I prefer running with people I'm comfortable with. That works out great when everyone's goals are aligned. The problem is either people aren't on when I'm on, or are bored running heroics so they don't want to. Now, I'm apparently the last 80 in our guild who can tank and doesn't have the red sword. Its not for lack of trying. Our biggest problem currently is an abundance of tanks and lack of healers as well as generally people not being on as much. Me trying to get tank gear in content that others are bored with is an uphill battle. I can accept the fact that me wanting it serves no real purpose besides badges, which again, most everyone else seems to have plenty of. Its not even that I'm trying to get people to run me through, I'm not only geared enough for heroic UP, I can and have tanked it with pugs, I would just prefer doing it with a group I know. Unfortunately, as Ed pointed out, there's no reason for them to run it. Why do I run the same content over and over? Because I know it, I'm geared for it, and I know I can pull my weight in it.
So back to the matter at hand. On the positive side, I have g-chat, on the negative side, I get killed randomly. The former is nice and enjoyable, the latter has and probably will continue to infuriate and ruin the enjoyableness of the game for me. I still don't have a concrete cost/benefit of how that plays out.

On what I want ultimately:
What day is it? Sometimes, I want a solid tanking set to be proud of. Why? Who knows, I have no intention of ever tanking a raid. I just want it. Sometimes I think how awesome it would be to have multiple level capped alts. Sometimes I want a full set of heirloom gear for all of the aforementioned alts. Sometimes I want to max out all the crafting professions. Sometimes I just want to level in peace.
I agree with everyone who posted and said basically I have to figure out what I want. Sometimes it helps to switch up the routine and try something new.

On Recruit a friend powerleveling:
Its a lot of fun and not as hard as I thought it would be. Basically I set up a trial account with a key I emailed to myself. I create a level 1 character on my main account and a level 1 character on the buddy account. I have two wow clients running in windowed mode and I group them up and set one on follow. Voila, triple XP. I've been able to hit level 10 in about 2 hours, done that a couple times.
For the future, I see a couple things. First of all, upgrading the buddy account to full wow would only run me about $20. Since you can only use recruit a friend through 60, no reason to go any farther at the moment (more on that to come in a minute). If I pay for a month on the buddy account, I get a month free on my main account, so that basically pays for itself. The major benefit of recruit a friend is the granted levels. While I may not ever pay the $25 to xfer them to the main account (this is a temporary thing only at the moment). One thing I have been toying with is transferring my paladin to the buddy account (my 74 alliance one, not my main, Leshif as alliance is kind of wrong and not something I'd do lightly) to run some characters through outlands instances. It is a pretty easy path to XP and gear, although I haven't tried it yet.
So far, its been a lot of fun. Leveling is fast, and I do love the newbie quests. It shouldn't take me that long to get most of my alts to 60. I can do it on the horde side too, although I only really have two alts left who arent in outlands already.

Basically, the cliffnotes version is that I don't know what I want, so I'm hedging my bets. I'm not really making tangible progress doing what I'm doing currently (it seems forever and a day of dailies before I'll get to the crusader title, thats a LOT of work), so I'm hedging my bets. Im moody, I'm indecisive, I don't know what I want with the game, so to put it in dating terms, I'm seeing other people. I might go out every once in a while, but we're not in an exclusive relationship. I appreciate everyone's feedback on the issue.

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What's my main Again? said...

I suppose that is a big reason as to why I have so many characters. What I want to do and want out of the game changes on an almost daily basis. Often times this is influenced by RL. I started during BC and around july or august my druid hit 70. He was my pride and joy and I loved gathering all the gear to start tanking Kara.

I got sucked into raiding too much to the point where I had to take a break from the game to focus on RL. When I did come back I knew I couldn't raid. But I was still a raider at heart. So everytime I got a character to the max level I spent time researching gear so that I could raid... even though I knew I wasn't going to.

I still live with that mentality of wanting to have my characters ready for anything. And yet at the same time can't keep my self dedicated to one thing for too long. Perhaps its because I fear I'll get too sucked in and have to give it all up again?

IDK thanks for the thought provoking post though.