Sunday, August 23, 2009

Taking my ball and going home. . .

This is a tough topic, but one I have gone over in the past. I seriously hate playing on a PvP server. Sometimes its not so bad. I have heirloom shoulders which speed up leveling, I have an 80 who can do dailies and give me a steady stream of income, I have a pretty good professional infrastructure in place. I can regularly talk to my friends in g-chat. Then some douchebag does something to piss me off so much, I'm considering leaving again.

First of all, I guess it is the normal stage of events on a PvP server, when people get bored with raiding, they look for "world PvP". That normally means running around ganking other players. I don't like it but normally it doesnt get in the way so bad. Last night I was doing the Argent Tournament quest that involves going and getting a sword. I went and got the flowers, flew to the complete other end of northrend, landed in the water, started the quest, and a gnome rogue ganked me right as I was about to complete it. Pardon my language but what a worthless piece of shit do you have to be to sit there and fuck with people just to piss them off? It succeeded. Unfortunately, I think there will only be more of this in the future.

Now, I will likely lose my heirloom shoulders in the transaction (which is a shame), but oh well. They don't have paid faction changes yet and I don't want to pay $50 to switch faction AND server. I've been thinking about a different solution.

I have a 74 pally on Azuremyst. I'm heavily considering "recruit a friend" to start up a new account, power level a couple characters, grant some levels to my existing characters, and get everyone to 60.

Its all hypothetical at this stage, and it's an awful lot of wasted time and effort, but its better than being pissed off all the time and/or quitting the game which is what happened last time. Having played enough endgame, I've come to a few conclusions. A) I have no desire to raid, it seems like a waste of time. B) If I have to PuG everything anyways, whats the difference? C) I really just prefer playing alliance, I prefer humans, draenei and night elves.

Anyone have any experience with recruit a friend power leveling? It seems like a pretty good deal, triple XP all the time, gear drops from instances, no hassle, levels granted for other characters on the account.


Anonymous said...

WoW man sounds like you have some issues in the game. Let me ask you this, why do you play the game? Is it to spend time with friends or waste time to avoid facing reality? I do not mean that harsh, but you clearly stated you hate PVP and you have no desire for eng game playing. You also said that you like playing because you can talk with your friends, but sounded angered because you end up PuGn everything and even had "always" stand out.

I know I am just an outside observer here and don't get mad at my comment here, but one death sent you over the edge? I may be way off basis but I always considered the term "ganking" to be along the lines of corpse camping. Something that is unmerciful. Sure it sucks to get "ganekd" but did you ask for help?

As far as the whole PuGn stuff, did you ask friends for help and were online when they were or did you log on and see no one on and just figure "ah shit, I'll do it myself?" Because if you do not wait for the friends, then it is your own fault for PuGn shit.

I would say find a toon you enjoy playing as well. Because in past posts you talk about the Pali and that he is semi-retired. You also talk about all these "problems" that you have had in many different roles. You seem to have a solid understanding of the game, but fail to be able to apply that to your playstyle. I see a lot of people on here, including your guild mates, coddle you and tell you they got your back or it is not your fault. However, I ask you, maybe it is your fault? Are all these groups so terrible or is it you?

Don't shoot the messenger here but I just see a lot of anger and confusion in some of your posts and unfortunately the blogging community will always coddle you and tell you it is not your fault. Sure there are times where it is not your fault, but there are also times where it is your fault. I think some self reflection is needed and I think you need to learn to stick with something. I would say do not leave the server, but rather get in there and get help from these so called friends. I know it sucks, but I have found running with my own friends to be much better than trying two or three fail groups and it is cheaper on repair costs.

I hope you hang in there and stay on the same server. No ganking/corpse camping should be worth spending real world dollars on a damn game. Good luck buddy and I will look forward to seeing how this all turns out.

Edyion said...

I normally don't say anything anything when you post these types of things but this is as good a time as any to i suppose. Seeing as you don't like the end game, only wanna run the crap out of uk/up (forgive me it gets old trying to the same damn instance all the time), dont like pvp and get the most joy out of leveling alts maybe it is time you move on. the spine is a pvp server and of late its been kinda slack on it but still its gonna happen just part of being on a pvp server. You suck it up and you keep on trucking. Why let somebody still your thunder? We all get pissed about it its what you do after that maters.

I got no problem with you having your alts man I enjoy them too, but think about this not all of us have a toon on ever level range to run with you. We are a small group as is thats kinda asking alot. As far as bigger instances go dude i cant speak for us all but i get pretty sick of running the same things over and over after a while without some sort of variation.

I dunno what to tell you about raiding since i personally enjoy and look forward to it with the friends i had made. Wipes and all. I enjoy putting the work in to getting better at what i do so we can down something we haven't done before or something we have better. I think i said that right.

Now the pvp i can sympathize with a bit cause I am not particularly fond of it myself. I do understand that i cant get away from it all the time and even sometimes I like doing it cause sometimes it just feels good to be on the giving side once in a while. People are gonna be assholes in game just as there are people that are asses out of game just more visable in a pvp environment.

That said i think its just time for you to sit yourself down and think what it is thats the problem and what you want from this game for yourself. Do you want the people you know or do you want to solitude and safety? Do you wanna fight a bit longer through the not so fun stuff to get to the better or do you wanna sink deeper into the comfort zone of nothing ventured nothing gained?

hmmm I seem to have lost my train of thought....ah well i leave you with this.

Suck it up and fight or move on.

Everwrath of Silvermoon said...

To be honest, it's not that hard to start afresh. Pick a pve server, make a level 1, have a poke around in guild recruitment and the auction house, see what's going on and if you like the atmosphere of the server, level a character or three.

With the new mount changes and the speed you get through content (nerfing group quests etc.) you'll soon have a couple of 80s and you can always go back to your old server if you change your mind without paying out and without having to wait days for the transfer.

I got a ret pally to 80 in 11 days played without heirlooms or spending a fortune on ah blues. In the same time I got mining to 450 and have accumulated 2K gold and have 2 full zones of Northrend quests untouched (read as: 200 quests at 13G each)

Of course, I was only playing on rested XP and got a hunter to 74 at the same time, but that's just extra gold and leather/arctic fur for cash when I need to start buying enchants for my epic gear.

Join a social levelling guild and quest in teams. It's REALLY fast xp and you cruise through instances with people you quickly learn to trust - as most people in levelling guilds are long term players looking for quick progress to provide their guilds with surplus toons.

Oh, and remember, you can always start a deathknight at 55, be in outland in 3 hours and northrend in a couple of days...

Ruhtra said...

Well, I do not know what to say after reading the posts and reading the comments. I guess I will take everything seperately. So let's talk about your post. God knows we have talked about stuff at work in regards to this sort of thing. I understand the frustration of PVP. I do trust me. I also accept the fact that I rolled on a PVP server and some things are bound to happen no matter what.

I am not going to say stay or go. I think you know my thoughts well enough from lunches we have had in the past. What I am going to say is that only you know what you really want. I know you despise melee fighting. It requires a lot of moving and are not fond of it. You enjoyed AoE tanking, but found out that tanking at the end of the game is somewhat different mechancially, but then again you have never tanked a raid that I am aware of (at least one that is still relevant). I know you love casting and I think you enjoy the healing on your brocoli.

Here is the trick, leveling another toon to 80 on a PVP server where you will get ganked. It is a pain. One of the reasons I have not leveled any of my other toons, well that and the fact I am bored at the thought of leveling. I think the big issue is that you want to run some content and PuGs have not been kind. I have told you that I will run with you through anything. Whether you need the big guns or the not so big guns. The problem is that unlike the rest of the guild you do not come and go at a set time. Often times you log on when no one else is on or five minutes after a group has formed to run something. I would happily give you my spot in runs as I really do not need anything on my main.

I think the trick here is that you and the guild are not always on at the same time, which there is nothing wrong with. However, there is not much noted on forums for when you need to run stuff. I noticed you through up a general announcement on the guild calendar. I apologize but I rarely get on early in the day and when I am on it is usualy on an alt so I typically do not see the MAS announcements as my alts are in my other guilds.

What I would say is that I think you need to do some soul searching and really think about what you want to do. You know that MAS is a casual guild and probably barely even casual. A lot of the members are geared and therefor sometimes we feel that others should gear as we have. However, I understand that not everyone is willing to suffer a bad group to get a chance at gear. You let me know in-game what your decision is and what I can do to help you, other than rolling as an Alli on a PVE server, hahaha!

Ruhtra said...


Well I see some points you have there. Kind of rough around the edges but you do point some truths. Sometimes people in a community or a group do tend to try to make someone feel better about certain situations, but that is more out of loyalty for the person. While I may agree with some of what you say, I do believe there should be some tact.

@ Edyion

It is funny you say this about wanting to run the same content all the time. To be honest I think that someone who wants to collect badges should not care about the content ran to get the badges, especially if it heroics. I can agree with running low level content, but I think that as a guild we should help our own. Hell, if I didn't feel this way there would be a lot of stuff that does not get run, because no one wants to heal. That is apparant. Just ask all the members who removed their healers from the guild. I think that if anyone needs help then we should try to help them. I mean the same could be said for you wanting to run ZG every week with a certain tank. He does it to help, not because he loves the content. So try to think of it from that perspective.

@ Ever

Yes it is very easy to start on a new server. However, Fish does not need to do this. He was established on a PVE server already and honestly if he is going to switch, I would say go back to that server. No matter the server they are all the same. You have ass holes, village idiots, the elite, the nubs, and the confused.

Sorry for the wall of text Fish, but I felt it needed to be responded to. Hollar at me at work or in-game dude.

Edyion said...

Yeah i know what you mean about that I dont think i got what i meant in that statement completely across. I guess the best way to say it is this. How do you know you don't like the end game if you haven't actually done it. Might be more fun if you branch a bit

at least i am thinking thats what i mind was trying to wander with the smell of meatloaf conversating with my tummy while i typed that.

The more important point i wanted to get at was Fish ya need to sit down and think about just what it is that makes you happy in this game and go do it. If thats with us awesome if thats with your allies thats awesome too. Its your game make it what you want.

Anonymous said...

@ Edyion

I tend to agree with you more than anyone else who has posted on here; however, I looked up the folks who post on here (have to love pugchecker) and honestly, there is nothing you need to run anything for that is useful to others. So I am somewhat confused over some of your statements. Short of running Ulduar and ToC 10 man, anything you run is going to be for badges. So why not run the instance to help players who seem to want to improve? Maybe I just didn't get the whole point of what you were saying with the wandering off topic and all.

@ Ruhtra

You seem to be an enabler. You say you will help him but tend to never be on. You say you won't tell him to stay or go, but you give an underlying message that says stay. Kind of screwed up. I was not trying to be mean with the OP but to point out that maybe his problems are not based in the game but in his own head. Read his posts objectively, they tend to not be consistant. In one he may talk about wanting to help or ideas for leveling and then he gets killed on one simple daily and starts crying foul. Perhaps he needs to examine if he likes this game at all. No offense meant to anyone, but c'mon start being honest with yourselves before you try to be honest with him.


Anonymous said...

I don't see what the big problem is. Aren't you on a pvp server? What the fuck is the big deal? If you suck that much at pvp then just take your butt fucking like a man and move on. Your guildmates seem to really like you and enjoy your presence but you do a shit ton of complaining, bro. I usually try not to say too much about things like this, especially not on Horde bloggers. Alliance ftw! Something about your comment just kind of set me off. Think about it, the game has servers designed specifically for those who don't like ganking. Make use of this. Otherwise, save yourself some time from crying in the corner, or wherever you do your blogging, log back in and get your revenge. If I were in your guild I would definitely not tolerate you sitting around all butt hurt about fail groups and ganking. L2P or go home.