Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wolverine: A review (with spoilers). . .

So I'm going to get this out of the way from the start. I am probably one of the biggest Deadpool fans out there. I probably would have waited for some time to see the movie had I not heard Deadpool would be in it. I will address the many issues with that particular aspect of the movie later

Wolverine was pretty entertaining. Sadly, I thought the credits (beginning, not end) were some of the most visually appealing, inspiring parts of the whole movie. Now, I really like Wolverine as a character. He's gruff, he's a bad ass, he doesn't take shit from anyone. I really liked how they showed what made him. Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson made me get all hyper and almost jump up and down in the seat. I can't imagine anyone more suited to play Deadpool.

Ok, things I didn't like. First of all, Cyclops was in the movie. Him being disintegrated was the low point of x-men 3, his appearance in Wolverine was entirely a waste. Um, like most people, Deadpool as Weapon XI with swords in his arms, teleportation, and laser vision? WTF!?!? BTW, a fight between wolverine and deadpool would be cool to watch for about 5 mins, but after they cut the crap out of each other and regenerated the bits, it would get a little boring. I didn't like the multiple "secret" endings. I have heard two so far: Wolverine in a bar in japan saying he drinks to remember, and Deadpool's decapitated head saying shhhhhhhhh. There may be others, I think they should save extras for the DVD and give everyone in the theatre the same ending.

OK, so most fans of Deadpool seem to think the way he was portrayed in Wolverine would ruin the possibility of a Deadpool movie. I disagree. You have to look at the origin of the deadpool character. He had wolverine's healing factor grafted into him to fight his terminal cancer. It initially failed. It was only after he was sent to the facility for failed experiments and experimented on that his healing factor activated.

How I would start a deadpool movie.

A figure is seen carrying the body of deadpool off from 3 mile island. He is taken to a lab where he is tortured and experimented on which drives him slightly insane. His "death" seems to have stripped him of the powers that stryker gave him (and removed the swords from his arms, you don't want a captive having implanted blades, do you?). However, the experimentation activates his healing factor and he breaks out. Although some things have been changed, thats pretty close to the deadpool origin from the comics. Close enough for a movie at least.


Occeleta said...

I myself am a huge Deadpool fan as well. And to add more spoilers, if you remember, Stryker pulled Deadpool out of his enhancement early to face Wolverine, in which the doctor responded that the process hasn't bonded yet. Which is how I interpret all those extra non-Deadpool powers not sticking. As for the movie, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is what sold me to see it first day, otherwise I could have waited for BluRay.
Another special ending I heard about had Stryker talking to would be Lady Deathstrike.

krizzlybear said...

I'm surprised you didn't make a mention about Gambit. Growing up on the animated series, I thought they emphasized his staff way too much. His only scene where he used his charge on his cards was quite awesome. Other than that, his accent sounded more from Texas than New Orleans.