Monday, May 18, 2009

In memory of One among many. . .

I know there are a lot of bloggers out there closing up shop, it only takes one to hit home. Big Red Kitty? Heard of it, not a regular reader. Big Bear Butt? Again, read it on occasion, not on my regular list. Then I read that One among many is retiring (I prefer that word to quitting, it implies distinguished time put in) from Wow. A blogger from Ohio who plays a lot of alts? Hit home because of the similarities and the fact I regularly read her blog.

Warcraft is like any other hobby, there is a time to quit for everyone. Sometimes, the decision is not ours. I had to retire from Judo competition after a bad concussion. Sometimes we just know its time to hang it up (Unless you're Brett Favre, Wow has seen plenty of those, yours truly included).

So, from your neighbor in cincy, I will miss reading your blog, but I'm sure you've thought long and hard and are at peace with your decision. Perhaps with the release of the upcoming Star Wars MMO you'll be moved to blog again.

Fare thee well. . .

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Syrana said...

*wipes tear*

I'll miss her too.