Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Almost there, almost there!!

And not in an "I'm in the death star trench about to be vaporized by Darth vader" kinda way. . .I hope. The almost there I'm referring to is level 80 (which I'd be at long past if I hadn't taken the journey into alliance territory, which I don't really regret, but yeah). I hit 77 last after being carried. . .er helped through the ring of blood or whatever they call the northrend version in Zuldrak.

We're running DTK tonight and I have 4 days off in a row so apart from some gym time and guitar time (as a side note, I am looking forward to playing LIT my own worst enemy, it looks super easy. . .yes, thats the level I'm at with real guitar :-P), I'm free and clear. I told our GM (who I work with and see frequently IRL), I should be able to hit 79 in that time.

I've also noticed a few other things in addition to levels. First of all, money (which used to be a complete lack thereof) is in ready supply with me concentrating on one main character. I dunno if it is just the quests giving more $$ or what but I have around 3k on my account (thats a lot for me!). I am sure the crafted items actually selling helps and the fact that I'm not buying to level any crafting skills at the moment. The next thing I noticed, my mining is around 440 and I have yet to touch any saronite. It should be a very brief time before I hit 450 and can start cranking out titansteel bars.

My plans for 80 (since I'm close enough to make them). I want to do argent tournament dailies for money and marks, badges, tokens, whatever they're called. I want to make enough titansteel for the helm, the legs, the boots, the necklace, and the ring. I want to do the JC dailies so that A) I can get the solid dragoneye cut, and B) I can get some dragoneyes to socket (go go gadget stamina!). As soon as I get 5k gold I am picking up epic flying and doing the netherwing dailies to get a drake (I don't care what color it is, I want a dragon damnit!). I want to run enough heroics to get the BoA shoulders (cloth and leather).

Thats not too much to ask right? And I should beat my old level cap record, I don't think Blizz is releasing a new expansion in the next couple months :P

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