Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tanking gear dilemma

So, I am having a little bit of a dilemma gearing wise. I will preface this statement by saying Wotlk is a TON better about gearing up for heroics/raids than TBC. Looking at my list of things I want/need for heroic/raid tanking, 4 of the pieces are craftable by me (JC or BS) and they are all not that far removed from best in slot pre-25 man raid gear. As a side note, HUGE shout out to Honorshammer for his excellent spreadsheet which can be found on the maintankadin forums.

This is my current dilemma. To put things into perspective, my guild has two tanks who can run heroics and are active. We have a third who has a tank, but took the tank out of the guild and caused some bad feelings. We have a druid who should be able to tank heroics, but is more used to ranged DPS so is not as effective in the role. I had been hoping to run through a couple heroics in my retribution build (my ENTIRE reason for dual speccing to begin with), pick up enough gear that I would be viable for other heroics, then tank when needed and DPS when not. However, recently, our geared tanks havent been on much. This brings me to my dilemma. I am currently wearing the tanking belt from Kara. I added an eternal belt buckle, and I have it socketed with +18 stam gems. As a jewelcrafter, I could replace the +18's with +41's, giving me an extra 46 stam. The more efficient alternative is to wait, hopefully get enough runs through heroic UP that I get the belt from there (and hopefully the sword), which I could also buckle and socket and would be a huge improvement.

The reason this is a tough decision is that both the tanking ring and necklace both require both jewelcrafters marks (6 each) and dragon eyes (4 each I believe). Cutting dragon eyes will mean it takes me longer to make the other tanking pieces, slowing my gearing up more. I bought the ring pattern last night, I'm wearing either a Kara or ZA ring so I could use the upgrade.

In other news, still accumulating funds for my epic flyer. Its slow and tedious. I have been selling ore and Brilliant Autumn's glows and isolated crafted or dropped gear for a few hundred gold a week. I'll get there eventually. I also FINALLY completed the aspirants challenge, so I'm now a valiant with the Argent Tournament, giving me a few more easy dailies for $. Also, started leveling my mage again with an eye on outlands. Currently level 46 in Tanaris.

Anyways, thought I would get everyone's opinion. . .


Anonymous said...

A couple of options:

Don't purchase the design. Anounce in trade channel you are looking for a jewelcrafter to craft you the tanking necklace; your mats + tip.

Purchase the design. You can buy the Dragon's Eyes you need from the AH. You can always trade in your next X JC daily rewards for Dragon's Eyes and sell those on the AH if you want to recover the money.

I would personally choose option 1 at this time.


I used the BC Badge reward belt for several weels when I started raiding Naxx-10. I added a new socket in which I placed a 41 Stamina gem.

It was good enough.


I think many players worry too much about their gear level before attempting new content. My attitude is let's go see if we can beat content at our current level. It usually does not take much time to realize whether you stand a chance.

Fish said...

I probably will buy the dragon eyes from the AH, as I do the JC daily religiously, you're right, I'll make the $$ back.

I normally lean towards getting any patterns myself A) because I'm a completionist and B) in case anyone in my guild wants them.

Thanks for the input!

Ruhtra said...

Well, we got you through two heroics tonight buddy. Not sure if you got any gear that was useful (I think maybe some bracers).

As far as your questions go, have no clue, I just cast heals pal!

If you get a list throw it to me and I will try to arrange runs to help you gear and learn how things go.