Monday, May 4, 2009

After a short break. . .

I havent had too much to really blog about recently. I was trying to push hard for 80, but with ulduar dropping, most peoples' energy has been re-focused to raiding, and the monotony of questing has been a little much. Its not so much questing itself, but 5 hours + per level.

I have more fully moved back to the PvP server, and I've noticed it's not as bad as it used to be. I did have a druid one-shot my warrior in hellfire, and an 80 rogue ganked my mage in STV, but those were more isolated occurances. It seems with the new content, people are actually doing the new content rather than hunting for lowbies to pick on. This was my biggest problem with PvP in the first place.

So, I'm back on the "path to 80", which will be followed shortly by the "path to gearing for raiding". Thankfully we have quite a few miners in the guild and I have a BS so I can blow through titansteel cooldowns to get some respectable tanking gear made. I'm super thankful that this is a viable route for tanks as opposed to the TBC method (i.e. grind rep and then run heroics and die a lot, earn those epics with BLOOD!!!).

I'm still on pace to hit 80 before the next expansion!! (my guildies will get the joke there)

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Eus said...

That is a lot of boars to kill...Live to win!!!! Go Go Fishy!!!