Friday, January 2, 2009

New years resolutions. . .Warcraft style. . .

So like most everyone else, I brought in the new years with some champagne, a kiss from my fiance, and a new years resolution. I figured if I can have a new years resolution, my characters can have one too, right? I'm only listing them for active characters (I'm sure my alliance pally is thinking "my new years resolution is to leave the inn at honor hold", or maybe he's a lush and would rather sit around drinking than fight evil, who knows. . .).

Leshif - New years resolution is to master enchanting and jewelcrafting. I am the ONLY high level jewel crafter in our guild and while I enjoy crafting quite a bit, a lack of gatherers in northrend makes leveling this skill prohibitively expensive.

Dreadfish - Hit level 80. My orc deathknight has become my favorite character to play and will be my gatherer in Northrend. I dunno if I will do any raiding with him, it kind of depends on what's going on at the time.

Magefish - Hit level 70, learn seed of corruption. I want to see how warlocks AOE. This will be the biggest influence on whether to play my warlock, mage, or shadow priest as caster DPS.

Bullfish - Hit level 71, pick up free epic flying. I love druids, they are one of my favorite classes to play. I don't care for Tauren, they just aren't visually appealing for me. However, druids are only available on the Horde side to Tauren, so Bullfish was born. Feral, Boomkin, or Tree will be decided later, for now the goal is free epic flying!

Warfish - Master blacksmithing. My biggest Wow regret was dropping blacksmithing from my paladin. I think things worked out better in the longrun that way, and I wasnt through the thorium levels when I did it (leveling through there is going to SUCK!!). Even though there are other high leveled blacksmiths in our guild, I want one myself, and as only level 60 is required to master it, my Orc Warrior fits the bill.

Fish - I, the player have a few Wow related new years resolutions for 2009. First of all, no raids organized by questionably qualified individuals. A level 71 rogue named "Outtylol" kicked out of a guild he can't remember the name of would be a good example. The only thing epic about that run will be the FAIL. (OK, I may have broken that one early in the year, but this is moving forward). My other goal is to hit the level cap with at least one character. I didn't hit 70 till about a month before expansion, but that's more a function of realm hopping and indecisiveness.

On a related note, I was added to the twisted nether blog list! That's pretty exciting, I tried to add their logo but it didn't work, so I will try again in the future, but I'm super excited.

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thedoctor said...

"On a related note, I was added to the twisted nether blog list!"

Gratz bro!!