Monday, January 26, 2009

What I learned from "Why should I play this class"

Obviously my main intent with the posts was to give general information on the various classes for people who have no experience with them at all. I ran around on servers that I haven't been on in months and specced some of my alts in ways that I had never done before. Writing the posts, I had to re-think how I thought of a lot of the classes in the game. It was an incredible learning experience.

Another thing that was a great learning experience was the comments people left over my sometimes mis-information. I had no idea the hunter dead zone went away because I haven't leveled my hunter on the PvP server since they lowered the experience requirements in vanilla Wow (its been a while).

The end result? I have a respect for rogues that I didn't previously, I may even roll up a new one (the one I actually leveled was a human on another server, so can't really play him now). I also realized I need to do more with my Shammy. Again, I leveled a draenei version, I've had an orc I'm using as a bank alt, I actually began playing him again, mostly because of the post I wrote about shammies (or shamen?? another good question posed in a comment, what is the plural form of shaman?)

Challenging previously established thoughts is how we learn. Being open to new ideas and ways of thinking allows us to get the most out of anything. I really feel that the biggest thing I have gotten from blogging is an improvement in how I think about the game. Through my own developement and people challenging my previous ideas, I feel like I have evolved into a better player. So I will keep on writing, and if you see something you disagree with, TELL ME!!


krizzlybear said...

I for one happen to be quite a big fan of this little series of yours, and I'm especially glad that you're learning so much about it!

I considered doing something similar, except from a roleplay perspective, but a bit of the general spin that I wanted to give has already been done on WoW Insider's "so you want to roleplay a ___" series.

As always, keep up the good work; I've always wanted to roll all 10 classes to respectable levels sometime down the future, this will definitely give me an idea of which ones to roll next. /cheers!

thedoctor said...

ya, I enjoyed the series as well. To answer your question about the plural form of shaman...

....the world may never know =P

Elfennau said...

Shamans. :)

Billy Bob said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the series! Very well done!

I think your descriptions of some of the class roles and strengths & weaknesses are outdated as of the patch and new class mechanics, but I think those are perceptions that the community as a whole have, but won't be dispelled quickly.

Great job, in any case