Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We interrupt our normal Wow content to bring you. . .The Force Unleashed!

I am probably not the only person playing Wow who is a fan of Star Wars. I own the movies, I read the books, I have the animated series recording on my DVR at home. Like a lot of people, money is a little tight at the moment, so I couldn't justify buying the game, but I figured it was worth a rental. In short, if you are a fan of Star Wars and havent played this game yet, DO SO! The only thing even remotely negative I have to say about it is that I wish it had more content, its that good.

In brief, you play the role of Starkiller, Darth Vader's secret apprentice. Although he is frequently referred to as Starkiller in materials, I don't recall them ever referring to him as that in game. Basically as part of the purge, Darth Vader came to Kashyk (however it's spelled), killed Starkiller's father, found Starkiller, killed everyone who knew about him and took him as a secret apprentice. I won't spoil any other plot details but its a great game. Although the plot is pretty predictable, there are a few surprises.

From a gameplay standpoint I have only a few gripes, force grip could be a little easier and more responsive and it is a little hard with all the things you can use it on to actually grip what you want, and then getting it to go in the direction you want is slightly challenging. I also think too many enemies are resistant either to lightsaber or force attacks. Those are the only real negatives from my standpoint.

On the positive side, the game has almost too many to list, but there are a few that stand out for me. First of all, although grip is a little unwieldy, it is absolutely AMAZING. I never get tired of gripping stormtroopers and throwing them into things. Another feature I liked was Starkiller's lightsaber style. He uses a reverse grip on the lightsaber which gives him a much different fighting style from anything we've seen. I don't know that I care much for some of the combos' use of force lightning (the guy uses it with EVERYTHING), but it is visually appealing. The last thing that makes the game stand out are the cinematic finishes. Basically at key moments (usually boss fights and larger baddies) you hit certain buttons in sequence to finish them. Anything I would write couldn't do it justice, it is that cool. As an example, one move shows you shocking an AT-ST (the two-legged walkers from return of the jedi), then you jump through the air and literally cut it in half. The boss finishes are even cooler than that.

In summary, if you are a fan of Star Wars and you haven't already BUY OR RENT THIS GAME!!! Yes, it's short, and yes it has it's technical glitches, but it is worth it.

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thedoctor said...

Hell ya, This game is awesome. I rented it when it first came out back in the summer it did not disappoint.

Game is very challenging and very visually appealing FO SHO. Come to think about it, it is the only console game that I actually beat this pasted year besides guitar hero and gta4.

So there you have it, the game is so badass that I stopped playing wow to play it. NOUGH SAID =D