Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WAR, what is it good for?

I've been reading a lot about WAR lately, and now I have a song in my head with visions of jackie chan and chris tucker dancing to go with it.

OK, so now to the point. I have read a lot about WAR, and one of my coworkers and occasional guildie has jumped headlong into it. I have read extensively and from what I can gather, the game holds no appeal to me for a number of reasons.

War is centered around Pvp, I don't like Pvp - yes, I've read about higher level gankers turning into chickens when ganking lower level players, honestly I prefer not to have to deal with it. I'd really just like to quest and be left alone. Yes, I play Wow on a Pvp server, but that is because that's where my friends are. My preferrence is Pve on alliance.

The majority of WAR's content is designed around grouping, I don't like grouping - except for instances (which I think are pretty fun to solo when I can), and VERY few scenarios, I enjoy soloing. The majority of the fun in Wow for me is designing a character, thinking of how I am going to use them, learning as I go, and eventually ending up with an effective character.

WAR's crafting system is not as deep - I LOVE crafting. Part of the reason I have so many alts was to pick up more crafting skills (and now I'm an addict). I feel so much better equipping my alts in crafted gear than buying it in the AH, and I prefer something I made over something a guildie made. I feel self sufficient that way, not to mention being able to get certain items whenever I want, rather than relying on who's online to make it or how much someone wants to charge in the AH.

Lastly, I just don't feel like I'm "done" with Wow - This is probably the biggest factor. I have spent a lot of time playing Wow. I've learned a lot about it, read blogs about it, toyed with different talent builds and I still feel I have things unfinished. I've never gotten to 70, I've never soloed an instance with a frost mage. I've never soloed an instance with my Paladin. There's tons of content I haven't seen. When I think about Wow, my thoughts are always "what project am I going to work on today?", not "Geez, I have nothing to do". I can understand if someone was at the level cap, ran all the instances, finished every raid, and was just generally bored with the game. That person is not me.

So yes, in a nutshell, I will not be playing WAR. Now will guitar hero world tour tear me away from Wow? That is another matter entirely. . . .

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