Thursday, September 18, 2008

My preferrences. . .

I'm not a theorycrafter, far from it. I play the game primarily for how it makes me feel. The sense of pride after a good instance run, the sense of accomplishment getting a new tier of crafting or leveling to get a specific ability, the determination from trying to get a grasp for a new class (and occasionally the frustration of running back to my body after a 70 decided to gank me for no good reason).

I love character creation in Wow. I love picking out the "look" of my character. I love going through the newbie zones, and then out into the wide world of Azeroth. I love looking at a level one and thinking what they'll be like in 20,30,40,50 levels. I love looking back and thinking how wrong I was.

Having played pretty much every class in the game to a reasonable level (I won't comment on priests because they're the exception), these are the specs I find most fun. Most effective I will save for theorycrafters and people who number crunch, these are the most fun for me.

Paladin - Pre 40 - Ret, Post 40 - Prot - I had to break this down pre-40 and post 40. Pre 40, you just lack most of the abilities that make prot fun. However, I must say there is nothing like the joy of rounding up 3-5 mobs at a time and seeing the damage ticking away on all of them at once. Yes, they might not kill 1 mob very fast, but killing 5 in the same time it takes you to kill 1 makes it very worth it.

Druid - Feral - I love cat form. You're like a rogue, except you are faster, and faster when you stealth. And in exchange for sap and lockpicking (the latter you can get from crafting), you get roots, thorns, and self heals. I never really use bear because if I'm tanking, its warrior or pally. As an off note, since everyone else now gets mounts at 30, does anyone else think the +30% should apply to travel form? Or that travel form should go at least as fast as a normal mount?

Mage - Frost - AOE grinding ftw! I love AOE grinding, ever since I found out about it, I wanted to get good at it. I still need a lot of practice, but it is SOOOO FUN! I don't even care if I get XP for the mobs half the time, its just fun killing 10+ mobs at once.

Warlock - Demonology - I know affliction is the consensus "best" build. I don't see it. Stronger demons take more damage, do more damage, and hold aggro better. Yes, it takes a little longer to kill mobs, I find the extra survivability more than makes up for it. A lot of people end up re-speccing demonology to get the felguard later in the game, I find it fun the whole time.

Hunter - Beastmastery - see above, better pet = better hunter. Marksmanship may be a better pvp build, but I dont really pvp.

Warrior - Fury - I went prot at 60 to run instances. No one seems to want a fury warrior. I wish I hadnt re-specced. I love devestate, but not as much as I love cleave and sweeping strikes at the same time, 4 hits on 2 enemies, yes please!

Rogue - Combat swords - I don't really play a rogue like a rogue, I am too impatient to stealth up to someone, I play them like a dual wielding warrior in leather.

Shaman - Enhancement - see above, except substitute self healing dual wielding warrior in mail.

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Capn John said...

My Gnome Rogue was a Combat Sword Rogue who ended up with both PvP Blades.

My Troll Rogue went the same way, up until I hit 60, when I discovered Horde Rogues are really screwed for Swords unless you're prepared to farm them from Instances, or make them via BOP Blacksmithing. (Stupid Alliance and their stupid Footman's Longsword ;)

Having more gold than I knew what to do with I ended up picking up a couple of Blue Daggers off the AH, respec'd to a more Dagger-friendly Build, and discovered the fun of Stunlocking.

I honed my new found Stunlocking skills in PvE (yes, I stunlocked Mobs while grinding), then took to the BGs and had a lot of fun there, too.

In one of my last EOTS (before I quit WoW) I zeroed in on a lowly NElf Priest who thought she could sit at the back and heal her friends while they assaulted our towers. She quickly found my lanky Troll leaning over her shoulder burying his daggers in her back, then almost as quickly found herself dead. After I assaulted her this way for about the third time she was fast enough to /spit on me before she died. I LOL'd ;)

Then I found her and killed her again :D

Don't take it personally, this is just what Rogues do ;)