Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Snap judgements are not a paladin buff. . .

I'm sure I've read something like this in a blog somewhere, but I thought I would share my thoughts on certain classes/specs at first glance without knowing the player (hence the term snap judgement).

Hunter - probably good only for some DPS, you won't trap things, and I will not carry more than one of you in a group, no matter what.

Rogue - You made a class to gank people and now you want to run instances, how novel. At least we'll have sap to CC some mobs to make up for you breaking kill order, pulling aggro and screaming for heals most of the fight.

Fury/Arms warrior - You better have a shield. Wait, you said you only DPS? /punt

Ret Paladin - Can you tank? OK, well can you heal? see above

Warlock/Mage/non-holy priest - ok, heads you're good, you DPS, you CC the mobs, you switch up the attacks so you don't pull aggro. Tails, you pull aggro, die a lot and whine about the tank not holding aggro or the healer not keeping you alive.

Druid/Shaman - I put these two together because they are way too all over the place to even develop a stereotype. Tank, heal, DPS, no way to tell, best just to ask.

Lets be honest, Holy priest, Holy paladin, Prot warrior, Prot paladin - lets call a spade a spade, your spec says what you are/intend to do. The major variations are gear and skill.

OK, it has crossed my mind on occasion that I have a generally low opinion of people that I don't know. . .

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Anonymous said...

I must admit I love my pet rogue.. he will always have a place in my party