Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If you were a Wow character, what class would you be?

I've always wondered this. If I was in Wow, which class would I be? Not which class would I like to be. Which class would I actually be?

Although I have an army of cats, they're more companions, and strangely, they don't listen to me when I ask them to attack people (go figure) although the little one will tear the hell out of some paper towels. Also, my marksmanship is suspect, I was one of the few in our ROTC class who did not get the marksmanship badge. At the renaissance festival, I actually managed to shoot an arrow backwards (don't ask). Bottom line: I would not be a hunter.

I'm just not very religious. I don't normally bring this up, because from a blogging standpoint it is completely irrelevant, but I am jewish. . .kind of. I am not very religious at all, and I find spending large amounts of time in synogogue kind of a pointless waste of time. I don't keep kosher, or even really go on high holidays (although, happy Rosh Hashannah to any of my jewish readers). This kind of rules out Priest and Paladin.

I'm not undead. Rules out Death knight.

I'm not very sneeky. I usually find a way to step on the creaky board. I don't know how to pick locks or really have any interest in it. Although I think the idea of being able to Solid Snake people is cool, I'm not really a throat slitter. No Rogue for me.

Although I think powers of inflicting cruelty could be interesting, and I like the idea of minions, if any demonic being could actually grant me powers, I would rather keep my soul intact. Also, siphoning the soul of others, slightly creepy. That pretty much rules out Warlock.

I am not a hippy. I don't think about nature, look at the trees, run around in a forest for no apparent reason or any other BS like that. I really have no interest in the "spirit world" or anything of the sort. Shaman and Druid are out.

I do wear armor on a semi regular basis, it's pretty heavy (I'm an ice hockey goalie). I know how to use a variety of weapons and I'm pretty proficient at a few martial arts. Blood doesnt especially bother me and I have a pretty high pain thresh-hold. I could be a warrior.

I also work in a job that is extremely technical and involves a good degree of "book knowledge". I like the idea of my mind being a dangerous weapon. I can memorize necessary stuff when I need to. I could potentially be a mage.

I'm not saying concretely either way I'd be a mage or a warrior, but its kind of fun to think about. Well, maybe just fun for me.


Nymeros said...

I would be a paladin. Without question.

Hunter is out. I hate spiders, and I have severe feline pet allergies. I am a decent shot with a bow, however.

Mage and warlock are out. I'm not as religious as I once was, but magic and demons still give me enough of the willys to keep me away.

I'm a stout former HS and college lacrosse and football player. Rogue is out.

I like a sunny day at the beach or outdoors. I hate hippies and while I want to save the environment, I like steak and wood panel floors too much to be a druid.

Warriors are boring. Moving on.

DK's are the antithesis of who I am.

At one point, when I was younger, priest would have been the answer. I was very deeply religious(and still am, in some ways)until I lost both my parents before I was 21.

Paladins, since I was about 16 years old, define who I would be if I was in WoW. I have a bachelor's degree(and nearly a master's)in history. I was a grad instructor in European history. The grand idea of a chivalrous mounted knight still evokes strong feelings to me. Standing at the front line, a beacon of inspiration, a dread sight to your foes. Or something like that :)

Rhii said...

I could never be a warrior, I'm a tad asthmatic and a whole lot lazy, so all that physical activity and charging and intercepting business is right out.

Paladins likewise, much as I love mine, I wore a chainmail shirt once and it just about knocked me over, so plate is out of the question. With some practice, I might learn to handle mail.

DKs are dead. Creepy. Not an exchange I'd be willing to make for IRL OPness.

Hunters, perhaps. My current dog is definitely a noncombat pet, but I could probably upgrade. I'd have to be beast mastery though, since I've never shot anything in my life.

Really the appropriate candidates for me are Shaman, Priest, and Mage. I'm pretty contemplative, I'm pretty sure with some practice (and you know, if they were real) I could manage to attune myself to either the elements, the Light or the arcane flows.

Plus I like to be far away from things with many eyes and teeth.

Edyion said...

As much as I want to say flat out i would be a hunter i would more than likely end up a rogue.

Now i am not a klepto or anything but have this natural ability to just sneak up on people (which my roommates and various relatives will probably blame for taking years off their lives. Funny enough I stuck at it in real life.

Couldn't be a druid not to keen on being one with nature. Hell i wont even camp.

Hunter would probably be out cause of the camping thing BUT i do get along extremely well with animals (and small children) even if i dont like them.

Priest and Paladin- I am religious yes but not that religious.

DK - Dead are to be killed again on sight, moving on.

Warlock wouldn't do it. That whole religion thing and the fact I happen to not want to be corrupted by demons for fear for my own soul would kinda get in the way.

Mage would work but only if i was fire. I do so enjoy setting things ablaze.

Warrior wouldn't work. Though i have a lot of rage I am not a particularly violent person.

Shaman...Hmmm well i cant really rule this out but i cant think of any reason i would be one either.

Kromus said...

I have horrible things happen and I can nod and laugh. I adjust to dark things, my humour can be as twisted as the nether itself.

Yet sometimes im very Druid-life-- want to heal and help people-- I don't squash bugs often- I'll go out of my way to transport them outside. "Balance must be preserved ;)".

The others don't really suit me, Warriors have rage and rage exists rarely within me-- IM not sneaky, Im clumsy, if they had a clumsy class i'd be like that.

Warlock is my main, as you Proberly already know. Whenever I play games I'm always the class that sacrifices babies and uses dark magic.

Is it because im a horrible person? No. Warlocks dabble into Dark Magic because of what it can do and its different allignment in nature- Dark magic tends to redistribute/destroy things whilst Holy creates things.

This was a really cool post I had fun thinking about it. :)

Tamarind said...

Hehehe - I'm probably a mage. Fragile and over-educated, much addicted to blowing things up and standing at the back :)

Ruhtra said...

Good post and great answers. I am almost afraid to think about this but here goes (in no certain order):

Paladin: Last time I checked I am not lugging around a huge mace and shield. I use to be pretty religious. I have a huge @$$ Bible from when I got married that I could knock some folks out with, but not sure if that counts as being all holy and what not. Ofcourse if we go Blood Elf Paladin pre-Wrath, I could see where I choose to wield the powers of the light without following after it.

Priest - They scare me.

Warlock - I have a pretty dark side to me. People who know me in rl may not realize this, but I was definitely interested in the dark arts when younger and the whole selling your soul things does not bother me. Hell I work in an industry where they want to know what you s**t out after lunch. Don't get me started on trying to talk to people about finances! Talking about soul drain!

Hunter - Well I have taught one of my dog's to attack!

Warrior - While I am a large guy in stature I really have no desire to protect anyone.

Shaman - What is shamanism? Like Druidism with armor? No Thanks!

Druid - See Shaman

Rogue - Maybe if Tauren are ever allowed to be Rogues.

Death Knight - I could see myself doing that. Sure I once loved the light but hell happened and now I am jaded to life. For some reason I take pleasure in some people's sufferings, but have broken free enough to not rejoice at all suffering.

Mage - I know stuff?? Meh I am far from squishy.

thedoctor said...

"Priest - They scare me."


I would totally be a shaman because they come to party and are wise. Plus they have a peace pipe =P

puff, puff, pass it to the left

What's my main Again? said...

Feral Druid bear form. I think of how the feral druids in warcraft 3 just stayed in bear form for too long and got stuck.

I live in Florida and hate the heat so I do a reverse hibernation. Heck if I didn't have to work I don't think I would leave my cave during the summer.

Plus don't try and wake me in the morning or I'll bite your face off.