Thursday, October 1, 2009

The grass is always greener & upcoming trip

So first thing I wanted to tackle is based on a comment I got from annonymous on one of my previous blog posts (as a side note, that guy must have multiple personalities, because I could swear they're more than one person). Basically it said the grass is always greener on the other side. I assume this to mean on PvE vs PvP servers. I have my own opinions on this, and admittedly, I am more wishy washy on this than anything else in the game.

My PvP server is Daggerspine. I started play there, I have the most time in there, I have the highest level characters there. My main, Leshif, is there. I am also a member of a guild there with a lot of people that I either know in real life, or have a good relationship with in the game. That is a major benefit for wanting to run things and in general having people to talk with in game. The downside of being on a PvP server is being killed/attacked. To be honest, it pisses me off. I don't like PvP, have no desire to participate in PvP, and it has led me to ask: "Why do I play on a PvP server?" The answer is "Because my friends do."

The PvE server I play on is Azuremyst. I have a full stable (10) of alts on there, my highest being a 74 pally. I love leveling on the PvE server. No one kills me, I can level wherever I want. Its very soothing. Its also very boring. There are a few isolated people I could/have talked to, but its not like the guild I'm in on Daggerspine. I've looked, I just can't find a similar situation.

My ideal situation would be to find a guild like MAS, but on a PvE server. Any PvE server. That being said, I have to balance which option annoys me less: Dying/being harassed or solitary play. That is really the issue that I am back and forth on. Now, with summer having ended, I believe most of the douchebag players will have less time (I believe most gankers to be bored kids, I have no data to support this, its is just a belief), so it may ease up. However, with the "new" content having been out for some time, it may leave existing players with 80's bored and there is a long tradition of lowbie hunting on PvP servers. So, the question really is: do I think things will be bearable on Daggerspine, or do I think I can find a similar guild elsewhere? If I had the answer, I wouldn't have to ask the question.

On a lighter note, this weekend I am going to St Louis on my trip. I will hopefully be hanging out with thedoctor and P from WTFSpaghetti & Lincoln Freed the Slaves. Alchohol will be consumed, pictures will be taken, and if they agree, I will post some on the blog. I'm ok with having my face out there, but I wouldn't want to post anyone else without their approval.

All in all, I've had a good week, looking forward to a fun weekend!


P said...

I'm excited about your trip, should be fun.

Smashie said...

I can relate to your dislikes of PvP servers. I leveled my first character (Rogue) in vanilla on Arthas, one of the most established PvP servers in the game at that time. STV was a madhouse, raiding MC took hours just to get inside for all the PvP distractions, and even attempting to farm something was a waste of time. But thankfully, we now have server transfers available :D

Hope you enjoy your trip! I have never been to St. Louis, so please do post some pictures when you get back!