Monday, October 26, 2009

The depth of my altaholism. . . .

I'm not asking for an intervention, this isnt a habit I'm looking to quit, but in looking at my character list last night, I realized something: I have a LOT of mid-level characters. The semi astounding thing, I only added 2 active ones from recruit a friend.

I am only including horde characters in this, I am considering my Alliance server dormant. It's not that I don't like it and have fun playing there, but I just have too many friends on good old Daggerspine. I have my 80 pally, 71 druid, almost 72 shammy (I'm like 90k away, just didnt have a chance to level yesterday), 70 DK (but who doesnt have one of those?), 67 warrior, 65 mage, 63 lock, and 60 priest. I also have a couple hunters, but one is a bank alt, and the other I got to level 20 before deciding hunters just don't interest me, I'd rather focus on one of my other characters.

I wonder if anyone else feels like this, but if I focus on any one character for too long, I start to look at the others and go "I really want to do _____, that would be really cool". It can be anything from get to 65 for northrend crafting to dual wielding crystalforged axes to learning seed of corruption. I really have a limitless amount of things I want to do on my alts. I think it's the potential that gets me the most. I know how my palladin is at 80. Its like vanilla ice cream. You never really get sick of vanilla, but sometimes you want to try other things. Vanilla is always a solid choice, but rarely someone's absolute favorite. I will always like my pally, I just don't have much of anything for him to do (cept JC dailies and make stuff).

I am still contemplating getting my priest to 80. My latest idea is getting him at least to 65 so he can pick up tailoring as well and I can pound out ebonweave. I didn't really have a problem with titansteel because I had some guild help, but now that I can pre-plan and produce well before I need it, I think that is the most prudent course. And ebonweave is not reliant on random spawns (I hate trying to find titanium, its only there at like 5am).

So yeah, working on the shammy, raising various crafting skills, thinking about my priest. Still 21 stonekeeper's shards from BoA cloth shoulders (we never seem to have WG when I run on pally).


David said...

I completely understand where you're coming from. I've got three toons, a Warlock, Death Knight and Druid sitting at 80. I try to remain focused on them, banging out achievements, gearing them up, etc., but I just can't seem to drag myself away from my alts. Mine aren't quite as far along though - I've got a hunter sitting at 62 and a paladin at 32, but all the rest are in the high teens or 20's. Part of it is definitely a desire to get all the different professions maxed...

What's my main Again? said...

What you described is one of the big reasons I play so many toons. There is ALWAYS something to do on another character.

Though all that remains now is my druid and he is 76... other then that I'll have to look horde side.

Anyway a tip for stone keeper shards... do the weekly quests out of wintergrasp. There are 2 that you can do anytime and doesn't involve actual pvp. One is to kill 10 players... but the npc guards around the zone count. The other is a quest that is a drop quests from some of the elementals.

Each quest gives like 13 gold? 10 stone keeper shards and 4700 honor. So doing those 2 quests will give you the 20 shards you need.