Thursday, September 10, 2009

When the digital world turns into the real world. . .

I had a blog post all ready to go about how there are different types of bloggers, two who are of interest to me: "super stars" and "blog friends". Super stars are people who have a large following, almost star status in the blog world. Blog friends are those people that you just like. You seem to have common interests, leave comments on each others' blogs, but you don't know them in real life.

Well, it looks like some of my blog friends are about to transition into real friends. Apparently the people who bring you WTFspaghetti and yours truly are going to embark on a mission to consume our fair shair of the adult beverage surplus in the St Louis area. Funny thing is, that of all my frequent blog commenters, they are among the ones I would actually like to meet in the "real world". Who knows, maybe we'll post some pics of our exploits. Not Ferraro style, I assure you, in real life I am male, and about as average looking as they come.

I was already excited about my trip, now I am more so.

On an actual wow related note, I am blowing through content with recruit a friend. I did get PvP'd last night, and by the time I could get my druid to stranglethorn vale, the perpetrators were gone. I still managed to hit 40 on my buddy priest and 38 on my "main" priest. I am switching to priest following shammy in the next day or so. I'd like to get them to around 50 this way, boost the priest through some instance quests, and grant the last 10 levels to get my shammy to 60 and see where we're at. Then I'll just need 20ish levels for the priest and my optional hunter leveling which I may put on hold. Do I really need a hunter? No, but it might be nice to have while I'm at it.

RAF on my alliance server will be a lot easier. no PvP to slow me down, and I've gotten the technique down. However, numerically, it will be a bigger task as I think I'll need 3 60's to spread around enough levels to get all my toons to 60. However, with RAF you level up so fast, it really isnt a chore at all. To me, its just more excitement.


Syrana said...

Awesome! Have fun! :D That was honestly my favorite part about BlizzCon was meeting other bloggers I read.

And, yes, pics!

P said...

oh hell yes, we will have to consume some fine st.louis based (scratch that) South African based beverages

defkon said...

Surplus consumption of adult beverages ftw. Hope you had a good time! Post the pics! - Def