Tuesday, September 22, 2009

RAF 1-60 and notes from vacation. . .

Well for the past week I've been on "vacation". I say vacation because I wasn't at work. I didn't go anywhere because well, I'm cheap and I have the st louis trip coming up that I'm saving up for. A couple things happened during the course of my vacation. A) I have given up on playing on a PvP server and B) I was pretty much able to go 1-60 all the way through with recruit a friend (I got to 50's, but I have ungoro and winterspring untouched, and most of felwood left).

I have been back and forth about leaving Daggerspine for a while now. If I didn't have a group of real life friends there, I would have left a long time ago. I don't have the mindset for PvP, I don't enjoy it, and dying just frustrates and pisses me off. I am delaying a permanent decision until my RAF time is done, but I am considering paying the $50 and making Leshif Human and moving him to Azuremyst.

On the Recruit a friend path, I have found what works best/most efficiently for me and thought I'd share. First of all, in general, instance power leveling is not the best way to go. The triple XP you get from mob kills and quest turn ins trumps power leveling in the traditional sense. There is one exception: dungeon quests. Certain dungeons have a ton of easily obtainable quests associated with them. Get them, do them, you will get a level or more out of them. Zul'Farak is a great example. Most of the quests you get directly from Gadgetzan and depending on when you run it, will get you a level to a level and a half. Another thing is to be careful with the gathering quests you take. Generally if you're looking for mob drops, I get the quest on my main account and not the buddy, since the buddy is getting dungeon quest XP, it evens out. I went through zones in this order:

Azuremyst/Bloodmyst 1-24 (yeah, I hit 24, didnt even do all the quests)
Wetlands/Duskwood 24-32 (you switch back and forth with these, they both have mid and higher level quests to do)
Thousand Needles* (Just the racetrack. I didn't go here, but it's a free level, and usually do it on horde)
Stranglethorn Vale 32-38 (Just the kill quests, green hills and basilisk collection)
Dustwallow Marsh 38-45 (both theramore and ratchet give a TON of XP)
Tanaris 45-50 (Do yourself a favor, don't collect pirate hats on the buddy)
Zul'Farak 49 (I ran this on buddy to pop him 49-50)
Feralas* (I didn't go here, but wish I would have in the 45 range, to get an additional ZF quest and some more XP)
Searing Gorge 50-52 (not here for long, just to kill a bunch of stuff and give you an advantage in Felwood)
Felwood 52* (Felwood is good for about 3-4 levels, depending on how much you do, I left after 1 to do Ungoro)
Ungoro 53-56 (Planned, I havent gotten this far)
Winterspring 56-58 (same as above)
Hellfire Peninsula 58-60 (this will be your fastest 2 levels since 20, the quests can get you 60k apiece with the RAF bonus)

Badlands and Uldaman would have fit in there between Dustwallow and Tanaris, but its a lil out of the way and to get the Platinum disks quest (the real XP bonus of Uldaman) you need 3 players, so you cant just power level through it.

I did that Shammy & Priest. My next time through will probably be Hunter/Druid. I might also try a Priest/lock combo.

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What's my main Again? said...

Yeah I remember those 40k xp turn-ins for ZF quests with RaF.

I've been playing horde side on a PvP server and I wonder if I'll run into the same problems that you are having. I like PvP... but I haven't had to deal with being corpse camped or something to that effect.