Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fish is going to St Louis!

This is more of a real life post, but it's Wow related, so if you lose interest midway through, you have my permission to bail, I won't think less of you (or know come to think of it).

I have been a table-top gamer for most of my life. I started with Dungeons and Dragons around age 11, and the interest sort of blossomed from there. Between the start of high school, and about middle of college, if it was out, I'd probably played it. Another thing I started doing earlier in my life was attending gaming conventions. My first was Marcon in Columbus where I met one of my closest friends who is a contributor to Hex games. I really only attend one convention with any regularity, that is Archon in St. Louis, and well, its that time of year.

The convention runs from October 2-4, you can find more info here.

I'm going to be running three different games at the convention using Hex's rpg rules called QUAGS (Quick Ass Gaming System). I'm running one game, probably saturday night called Wrasslin. Basically it is what it sounds like, smackdown the video game, just in tabletop RPG format. I'm running a game as a sequel to the southpark episode "make love not warcraft" involving some warcraft archetypes and characters from the commercials (Yes, Mr T will be there, and he is a night elf mohawk, who am I to argue if there is not traditionally a mohawk class?). The last game I'll be running is a survival horror game. Think Saw meets resident evil. There will be traps and zombies.

I'm getting pretty excited about it. They normally have multiple kegs at the convention and as there won't be room parties, it semi forces everyone to associate on the convention grounds. Or maybe we'll cab it and takeover a bar somewhere. Who knows?


Eus said...

Fishy, just don't call me and Ruh wanting to bail ya out or something. But seriously, have fun and go raise some hell in good ol' Saint Louis!

Ruhtra said...

Well go and represent us all my friend. Some things you just never know about someone until it is too late. Hee hee

thedoctor said...


P and I live in St. Louis. If you are looking for a bar or somewhere else to go, hit me up brother...I know all the hot spots.