Tuesday, September 8, 2009

MAS: The guild that blogs. . .

I must preface this statement by saying I have been a little out of the loop on guild matters. I've mostly been playing in the mornings when people arent online (both to avoid other players, and because that time happens to be most convenient for me). I've been having great fun with recruit a friend of late, I have a buddy character at 34, leveled my priest up to 33 tagging along, I have a new orc hunter at 22 and another buddy at the same level. My goal is still 3 to 40, then get one buddy to 60, and grant all 3 level 60. Then I'm going to rinse and repeat on my alliance server (although it might require more than one 60, I have a ton of mid level toons there, but none capped and only a couple above 60). I like the old world, but I'd just like to get past it at a greater rate of speed than is usually required. It will leave me with only one class that I won't have at 60: Rogue. I have no desire to play a rogue, my druids can stealth, I prefer fighting like a warrior and they can neither cast spells, nor self heal, so a rogue really isnt the class for me.

Anyways, what I really wanted to post about was another entrant in the MAS blogging family. Abbaddon, our resident PvP Death Knight, has started up a blog. I have limited experience and knowledge with PvP, it's a realm of the game I have no interest in, but I can see that he is skilled at it, and knows his stuff.

As I've been out of touch with the guild given my recent re-discovery of interest in the 1-60 game, it's good to be able to read blogs and get some kind of interaction with my guildies. Everyone who has a blog brings something different to the table, and MAS is no exception. I will never forget a post that Larisa wrote about blogging in general, it is part of why I started this blog in the first place. The biggest thing any blogger can do is impart their personality in what they write. In real life, I am a little random and all over the place, I'm sure no one who reads my blog would ever guess that (that's what we call sarcasm boys and girls!). While Matt is not one of the guildies I have met in person, I have interacted with him enough in game to know that I will enjoy his blog, and I'll definately add it to my blogroll. I will make the not too subtle suggestion that anyone into either Death Knights or PvP do the same.


Darraxus said...

A level 60 leveled throught recruit a friend only has 30 levels to give away...one for every other level.

Fish said...

I think my math took into account 2 60's, but I lost track. I'm all over the place with everything. . .lol