Thursday, April 9, 2009

Things to do besides quest. . .

I did not hit level 73 on my day off yesterday, I did get about 2/3 of the way there. I had a couple things get in the way while attempting to get th rest of the way.

First of all, it was bothering me to no end to see cobalt veins and not being able to mine them. I decided to run to outlands and knock out the rest of my mining to get to at least 350 (I got to 351, and then using some cheap cobalt ore from the AH, got to 371 smelting). Now I will no longer have to pass by those little veins of blue goodness.

Next, I love soloing vanilla instances (havent tried ramps yet, even though I think I could), my GM has been leveling a priest and needed a run through Sunken Temple, and let me tell you it was just what the doctor ordered (to cure my boredom, not thedoctor of WTFspaghetti fame).

I still think level 74 is a decent goal for this weekend, however questing on the PvP server could change that. I refuse to quest through ganking, it takes how long it takes. I have plenty of rested XP to get there, so that really isnt a concern. We'll see I guess. I do have to say, it is either when I'm questing or where I'm questing, I have only been ganked once in northrend on the PvP server. Probably since writing that in the blog, that will change, but it is encouraging to be able to level without distraction, you know like PvE lol.

My only real desire to run instances is to run them with my MAS buddies. The only way to do that is to level my character on a PvP server. I hate pvp servers! No wonder I reached the TBC level cap 2 months before Wrath.


Ruhtra said...

Hang in there you will make it and maybe before my Priest :)

You know anything you need or want to run we got your back, just hollar at us!

P said...

I hate to level. I have a 70 lock and a 71 priest just sitting around collecting dust.

Not a big fan of questing either. My priest hasn't even hit 500 quests. Just seems like while you are leveling there is nothing else to do, and as soon as you hit the level cap. Boom! doors open and you have a bunch of options.