Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Food poisoning is NOT fun for children of all ages. . .

This weekend was pretty packed for me, and as such, not much playing of wow occured.

I did manage to catch wrestlemania at Bw's, but I have noticed the quality has really declined over a few years ago. Note to Vince: the words Mark Henry and Ladder match should never be used together for any reason. Also, this years' had more completely useless wastes of time than I remember previously.

The lowlight of the week also came as a result of the ppv. I got a rather serious case of food poisoning from the BW's which caused my monday to be rather unpleasant to say the least.

On a leveling front, I wasn't able to accomplish too much or run anything, hopefully I'll be able to get to level 73 on horde pally sometime this week so I can stop using the stupid looking nerubian husk and start using a shield that looks like a shield. Yay saronite defender.

Also, I dropped enchanting for mining and while it will probably pay off in the long run, man is it a pain! I don't have an epic flyer yet, so I am reduced to flying around on the normal flyer looking for fel iron. It could be worse, I'm through thorium.

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