Sunday, May 22, 2011

A new post?!?! :-O

Ok, I am ridiculously bored at work, and as much as I should be doing accounting homework, I find that my priorities havent much changed as a 31yo and I really don't want to. So I will go back to what I used to do at work when we were ridiculously slow, and I had nothing better to do: blogging.

I have mixed reviews on cataclysm. I think streamlined leveling is awesome and I love the changes that they have made with a lot of classes. There is a ton of new content and I enjoyed both of the new races (although Worgen much more so than Goblin). The 80-85 stuff is somewhat hit and miss but fun in general, I enjoy Hyjal, Uldum and some general questlines, but I prefer the Wrath model of AOE AOE AOE, things go faster and seem more fun (just being honest).

There are a few things I didnt care for (aside from having to CC in dungeons). No change to moonkin form. I think its awesome that trolls can be druids. Worgen, meh, I'd have prefered shammy for them. So these new troll druids can turn into a bat while flying, awesome. But keep the same ridiculous retarded owlkin thing form as any other druid. Couldn't healers have stayed as trees and DPS show off their ossum l00tz? Or maybe they could have an armed serpent caster form like the dude from zuldrak (or is it DTK, I get them confused, and no wow wiki here at work).

On the class note, some things are different, some are the same. Paladin seems mostly the same. I have zero desire to level a hunter. I rolled a Goblin rogue, and since doing so have gotten him to around level 20 while leveling 3 different warriors to 60, 80 (although he started at 72), and 74 (that one was from level 1). Needless to say, I just don't find rogue to be that fun. But warrior is ZOMFG AWESOME!!! Since switching to arms, I dunno if it is something blizz did recently or what, but I am loving warrior. Fury was fun when they had massive self healing, once that got nerfed, I thought not so much. Arms lately I just LOOOOVE. One thing I find interesting. I've been speccing into blood and thunder in my arms builds. It seems to me that it would A) be an AOE DPS increase that is useful for instances and soloing and B) be at least as good a use for those points as anything else.

Another thing I've planned on doing is soloing some instances. Now I know I could re-spec my paladin and do this pretty easily. But I am going to try it on my warrior. And maybe a bear druid. Its pretty easy to get health pools of over 100k in cataclysm. I regularly take down chillmaw solo on my paladin and its not hard at all. I've heard of people soloing wrath raids solo. I want to try a few wrath solo heroics. My warrior is a draenei so he has a built in self heal and I'll be sure to bring food and bandaids. I'll be using a build that includes Field Dressing, Blood Craze, and Impending Victory so I should be self healing a decent amount.

Mainly Cataclysm has brought me back to what I enjoy doing most: leveling alts. I am loving warrior and will probably push him straight to 85, after that, then what? I have a couple characters sitting at 82 (shammy and priest), I have a couple characters just sitting (warlock and druid), I have 85's I'm not motivated to do much with (paladin, mage, and DK), and the aforementioned Goblin Rogue who I'm considering deleting.

Well that's about enough rambling for one afternoon. Peace out.


thedoctor said...

good to hear that the expansion plays into exactly what you want out of the game.

I played the expansion and got what I wanted out of it as well, high level raiding. However, once we had 100% of the normal mode content on farm...i cancelled my account. Too much work.

On a personal note....If you do not get a twitter account, I might have to start harassing you mentally and physically.


Ruhtra said...

I love how you approach the game man. I find my Rogue much more fun than my Warrior. That being said I am finding my Warrior to be a lot more fun than in previous expansions. Weird huh?

On the thought of soloing, just do it. Don't think about it, just go in there with axe-a-swinging! Seriously, I have been soling a ton of stuff on Ru (as a tank, but that is a secret!) and loving it. I am th best level 85 Prot Paladin you can get for anything level 79 and lower. Well, there was that one zerg the other week I tanked, but that was out of wanting to torture everyone who wanted a drake!

Also, good to see you back on the blog sir. Now I have one more thing to do while I too am sitting around doing noting, or dreaming of doing nothing at least.

Also, I think I am in for tomorrow at the bar. The wife has given the green light and may even come out with me. Dear God! I just wrote a shit ton on your post!

@ thedoctor: Dude harass his ass! Who wouldn't love a daily dose of Fish on the Twit?

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