Sunday, June 27, 2010

Unfinished business. . .

Well, how's it going Wow community? It's been a while. I havent written anything in quite some time, but for quite a few reasons, I figured I would come back for an update. I should also preface this by saying my return is for a currently indefinite return to Wow.

Why am I coming back? Well first of all, I have achieved most, if not all of my goals in leaving the game. I lost 20 lbs, have a gym thats a lot easier to go to and have most everything in my personal life sorted out. I have a ton of free time that I think could use some occupying. I also have some unfinished business.

When I left Wow, I thought at the time it was due to a lack of skill. I did a ton of research and thought I knew pretty well how to do things, but the results just werent there. I couldn't explain why, I didn't know what I was doing wrong, I just plain sucked. I was ok with sucking at Wow. I mean, I've done plenty of things in life that I was unsuccessful at, I don't do them anymore.

My mindset all changed the other day when I was having lunch with Eus and Ruhtra. We were having a discussion about Wow that somehow turned to computers. Ruhtra was saying how it was always funny watching me raid because they'd all do something and see me do something 5 seconds later. I was puzzled, thats not what I was seeing. Then I thought "maybe there was a technical issue making me suck?"

The computer system I have had for quite some time has been mostly the same, a pentium 4 with windows XP. As far as I can tell/remember, it's about 6 years old. I have dropped some RAM in it and a new graphics card, but the processor is OLD. Could that have caused performance issues? Is it more noticable when raiding than soloing because at appropriate levels lag while soloing won't kill you? I don't know. But now that I have this question in my head, it's one that needs to be answered.

I decided a while ago that I would buy a new computer on which to play the old republic (I'm def getting that game, and I know it will be awesome, but I'm a star wars fan boy). I just decided that this would be a good excuse to maybe step up the timetable on that purchase a little bit. I've been looking around, read reviews and basically decided that I'm getting an intel i7 based machine with DDR3 ram (prolly 8 gigs or so) and hopefully a 1 gb video card.

If I still suck with that system, well it's me and I can take my ball and go home with the knowledge that Wow just isnt the game for me. If I don't suck, well I get to spend some more time with online friends and help out such that I'm able to. For 15 bucks a month, I'd say that's pretty win/win.


Eus said...



I miss whispering that lol. I am uber excited to see my other half of my brain coming back. Again, as we discussed, my computer cannot handle 25's except for voa. I can barely handle wintergrasp. So, it is very likely it is the processor or something along those lines. Soloing vs. Instance/Raid are going to be very different. So much goes into the instances/raids that whatever the issue is could be a simple, but expensive, fix. I'm hoping to upgrade by the holidays so I can better handle the 25's that I'm missing out on.

and again /giantbearhug

Ruhtra said...

All this computer upgrading talk and I am starting to get an itch to upgrade......

What's my main again? said...

Oooo welcome back! GL with the new computer! I picked up the AMD quad core version of the i7... haven't had any issues with it so far so take a look into that as well. I had gotten a nice bundle that dropped the price down around 300$ to the equally specced i7.

If nothing else the beauty of running wow on a new computer will get you to fall in love again at least for awhile :P