Monday, December 7, 2009

done with Wow. . .

I made a pretty significant decision on friday: I decided to quit World of Warcraft. Now, I have attempted to quit before, only to come back, my reasons are a little different now.

They say one of the signs of addiction is when it starts interfering with your life. Now, I'm not saying I'm necessarily addicted to Wow, but there are a lot of parallels. I work 10 hour shifts at my job, and have around a 45 minute commute. Normally my days consist of go to work, come home, play wow, go to bed. I don't necessarily have a problem including video games in the routine, but as we all know, there is no "sit down for 45 mins and play" with Wow. For me, it's more sit down, and next thing you know it's 12:30am and you have to leave the house at 7:10 to be at work on time. Another factor in the decision is my difficulty in juggling Wow and the gym. I will admit, I don't enjoy working out. I have alwats done it because either I had to, or it was a means to an end.

Do I believe it is possible to juggle Wow and still have a healthy well rounded life? Definately. I have just come to the conclusion that thats not something I can manage. I havent necessarily decided to completely flee the MMO genre, but for now, I need to cut Wow out of my life to focus on the rest of it.

I may still blog from time to time about other things, I think Dragon Age: Origins is an AMAZING game, but the Wow chapter in my life is closed.


Darraxus said...

Sorry to see you go. Get everything straightened out and maybe we will see you for Cataclysm.

Johnny said...

Good luck I'll keep you on's rss for now as I know its hard to quit! :P

Kromus said...

Hope to see you soon. I'm sure you'll have the confidence to remanage it again soon, and yeah; the reasons are different this time.

Its not cos' you want to, its because your smart in your choice and acknowledging you can't do something, which is the first step to absolution with everything.

Therefore Kudos to you sir, and well done!

Joar said...

Best of luck and very sorry to see you go!

pallynoob said...

Unfortumantly, the best current shaman blog existing. I hoped to get some more info about the class. And if it is of much use in the 80s.

A pitty. But from my point of view you made the best choice. I will have to quit too. probably. My shaman is now 69 and I think hitting 80 will show me again how meaningless the endgame is.

Basiclly you run for best gear all the time, cause you have too.
Otherwise no high end intance, or high end pvp.

That leaves only levelning an option. Or if there would be a lot of people with this view. Keep the character looked at some x9. levels.

This way you would have not to grind for upgrades anymore.

Tamarind said...

Awwww, I'll miss you! But it all makes sense to me - and you're right about WoW not being a pick up and play game (especially not at endgame). I'm actually wondering myself if I want more time in my life... Anyway, I'll certain keep reading, if you intend to keep blogging. I'd certainly appreciate your thoughts on DA!

What's my main Again? said...

Sorry to see you go. You were the first person to ever post on my blog and I hope that this isn't the last we see of you.

I'm glad I don't have close with take care of yourself... because that is exactly what you are doing in quitting wow. See ya around!

WTF said...

ahhh Fish.

Glad to see you know that RL > WoW in all cases. I would be lying if I said I wasn't sad to see you go, but I understand how it is.

Remember, in the biography of my life. There will be at minimum a few paragraphs about how I meet you lol.

Email your facebook or something.

Ruhtra said...

So as the guild leader and personal real life friend of Fish let me say a few words.

I remember the first time I met your character in game. I do not remember if it was you or our friend who dueled me and died by just hitting my retribution aura. (I wanna say it was your friend because even then you felt PVP sucked).

I remember the first raid you went on. The boss would be on the left side of the room and your just keyboard turning to run the left side of the room.

All joking aside, WoW is going to be a little less fun now than when you were playing. (Although we always have work to bitch about things.)

In the end, I am sad to see you go and will not quit trying to pull you back. ;)

LarĂ­sa said...

Sounds as a wise decision. I will miss your voice in the Blogosphere. It feels sad to take you away from the blogroll but that's how things are. There have been so many bloggers comming and going over the years...

Feel free to come over and say hi at the inn! But I guess you'd be wiser to go cold turkey and make a clean cut, otherwise it's easy to be pulled back into it.

Cheers and hugs!

RatherNotSay said...

Man I am sorry to see you go. You had one of the blogs that I really liked reading. (Aside from a little more whining than I liked.) You brought a different viewpoint to a lot of things and I even redid a few alts professions because some of the stuff you said seemed better than a Hunter with BS and JC (dont ask and I won't tell).

Damn, so that is how you get hugged by someone!

Syrana said...


*wipes tear*

*sets another soul shard upon a shelf*

Copra said...

Well, play 45 min is real in WoW now as they introduced the new LFD tool. Pop in, start LFD, teleport to instance, get out, log off.

Even the longer dungeons are done in that time. The rest is up to you to keep.

BTW. have the same problem with time myself, except I have 1.5 hours drive to and from work a day... still I manage to squeeze that, family, occasional jog and life into the picture. It's all up to you yourself how you divide your attention and time. Which is the most democratic thing in the world: we all have the same amount to use.

Take care.

C out

Klepsacovic said...

Go on, get! Shoo! It's for your own good.


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