Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I can't believe I'm saying this: I agree with the Goblin. . .

I just read Tobold's blog and he had an especially interesting post today. I have to say this upfront, I am kind of a massive fan. His was one of the first blogs that I followed (along with Blessing of Kings). So, the long and short of it was Markco from Just my two coppers allegedly approached him about linking or bannering something about his gold guide. Apparently he's charging more than two coppers for it and was looking for some advertisement. Then he mentioned that Gevlon the Greedy Goblin similarly rebuffed Markco, in a post here.

I don't ordinarily agree with the Goblin. I almost never do. I rarely read his blog unless led to it for some particular reason. I think his brand of anti-social for it's own sake is tiresome and just a means to get attention. In this instance, I agree with him 100%.

I think bloggers are one of the things that make Wow so enjoyable. My main is a Prot Paladin, and I am an ok tank at best. I am middling geared, and have a good aggro rotation, but I just cant seem to remember 27 bajillion fights. However, most of what I do know about paladining (I don't think that's a word, but it should be), I learned online. Most of what I know about playing a shammy, priest, warlock, mage, and druid, I learned online. Death knight I pretty much just hit a bunch of buttons, thats how you're supposed to play them, right? lol I look at gold making as just another facet of the game. Could I make a ton of gold? Probably, but I prefer to grind things and do dailies because that's fun for me, making gold is more like work.

I guess when it comes down to it, I look at blogs as this awesome free resource for people who want information. Trying to use one as a scam to make real life money just seems wrong. As a result, I will no longer be supporting: Just my two coppers, and have removed it from my blogroll.

In a completely unrelated note, something I probably don't say enough. I really genuinely enjoy all the blogs on my blogroll and read them as regularly as I can. However, my job has filters on posting to certain things, so as such, I can't always comment. My job has also blocked some of the blogs in my blogroll (I miss reading Gnomeageddon), but we do what we can. Keep blogging people, its a great mental exercise and it gives me something to do while I should be working.


Mister K said...

I stopped following his blog yesterday too. I don't follow the goblin either but I am a big fan of Tobold. I am just thankful there are so many people out there willing to put there time into posting stories and strategies to help out and entertain. Thats what got me started anyways.

"D" said...

I was a bit shocked when this all happened, since I've always sensed Markco to be a reasonable guy. Guess this just shows that not everyone is who they appear to be on the internet ..

Anyway, I used to miss out on Gnomeggedon and some others due to my work's firewall, as well. Then, a helpful blogger suggested using a feed reader. I use Google Reader - if you come across a blocked blog that you'd like to read, just copy the address, paste it in the "add a subscription" box, and viola! I've added all of my blogs there now (including the ones whose sites I can go to) and it's all a one-stop blog reading with no blocks. I can't comment unless I click on the actual blog and have it pull up in a separate window (and that's only if it's not blocked), but at least I can read everything I'd like. The only problem is with blogs that have "additional information" behind a "cut" (wow.com comes to mind)

Hope that puts you back into reading Gnomeaggedon! :-)