Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OK, I know 2 posts in 3 months doesnt constitute "blogging again". . .

But I've been spending most of my time lately actually playing the game. Well, not most. I've kept my promise to myself and continued with the gym and jujitsu (Although on a side note, I'm not gonna be a blue belt for a LONG time lol I realize now why they schooled me at grappling tourneys when I was younger).

However, this is a wow blog, so I have a few interesting items regarding that. Well, interesting to me, your milage may vary.

First of all, I came to a conclusion. I really don't like tanking. Its a lot of thankless responsibility. It is heavily gear based and getting that gear is not easy. Other players have expectations and everything is your fault if something goes wrong. Who complains about fail DPS? if someone doesnt look at a meter would they even notice? Yes, I have decided I hate tanking. I don't want to do it anymore. I might give another go at it on the DK, but gearing him to be "acceptable" in randoms has been a challenge.

Secondly, I have come to the conclusion I really like healing. My priest dinged 80 and is geared for ICC and I have been through there a couple of times. I have been healing as discipline and I really like it. My shammy is also just about ICC geared and I like healing with him too. The thing I like the most is healbot makes healing about finding the right tool for the job.

My last thought, boy is it easy getting gear. No more multiple runs through ToC, I can just chain run heroics queued as healer, get emblems and buy T9. I geared my priest up that way (with the addition of a few lucky drops and some random raid gear) in about 3 days from dinging 80.

I do have a random question for anyone still reading. Spirit for discipline priests, whats the point? I don't see one, hence I'm hit capped in my healing gear.

Not to get all religious on anyone, but happy rosh hashannah to any of my fellow jews!

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